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                                                                                 Ministry of Interior Romania  MIRA

Consultancy firm 'de borst advies' has also working experience with the development of information systems (and software) for training purposes. Long term experience that should guarantee an effective performance of the activities that are required if a demand for training purposes is met in an IT-solution.

Often projects were managed and supervised to develop IT-solutions to information and training demands within several organisations. The process from expliciting information demands, making an information-analysis, developing a functional design and outsourcing a technical design, having software designed and finally making an application  work in practice, is very well known to the consultancy. There is experience in working with international expert teams for several years in the field of information-analysis and –exchange. In the 2005 a training information system (and required software) for the Immigration Service in one of the Balkan countries is developed. In 2006 similar activities were performed in Russia.

In Turkey (Ankara) training was given to the National Police on border control and return measures, January 2011.





Finetuning and adjustment of the Crisis Management Unit (Erik de Borst and Dorin Tepusa) Project with the special adviser to the Minister, mr. Gernot Mager, june 2008.