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Director E.J. de Borst of consultancy business 'de borst advies' has worked in various Phare, Matra, TAIEX and Argo projects in central and eastern Europe. The activities vary from giving lectures about the budgetting system of the central government and within agencies to setting up management information systems. Also developing planning and control-systems for  (non-) governmental organisations and setting up of Crisis Management Units are included. deborstadvies closely works together with the ministry of Interior in Berlin, Germany, EU (TAIEX), ICMPD and IOM. 

2004-December  Financial Management, TAIEX, Ankara T

2004-December  Development of an Information management system on Croation boarder control (ICMPD)

2005-July          Project Information Management Zagreb Croatia (ICMPD)

2005-Sept         Evaluation Migration Strategy Bulgaria

2005-October     Training of Croatian Border Control Zagreb

2005-November  Evaluation of the IBM Zagreb Croatia

2005-December  Mission Turkey Ministry of Finance  

2004-December  Financial Management, TAIEX, Turkey

2006-May-June  Phare twinning Zagreb, Croatia

2006-October    TAIEX, Financial MT, Zagreb,  Croatia


2007-March         TAIEX, Macedonia, FM, Skopje 

2010-Jan-Feb      Financial Management Romania (12 months)

2010-Sept-Nov    Technical Assistance IOM Montenegro

2011-Jan-July     TAIEX, Ankara, Turkey (6 months)

2011-Feb-April    Technical Assistance IOM, Montenegro

2011-Nov-Dec     Financial Management, Skopje, Macedonia

2012-Jan-Oct      Financial Management, Skopje, Macedonia

2013-Jan-June    Financial Management, Skopje, Macedonia

2014-Jan-May     Financial Management, Skopje, Macedonia

2014-Nov            Migration Management, Sarajevo, BiH

2015-May, Oct    TAIEX Mission Feasibility study, Montenegro

2016 Jan-June    TAIEX Corruption Risk Mangemant, Macedonia

2017-March,June TAIEX, DC Operational training, Montenegro

2018-January      FMS, Financial Management, Sarajevo, BiH

2018-Nov-Dec     FMS, Financial Management, Sarajevo, BiH