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Brussels, 1 5 -06- 2006

JLS.BA D(2006) 5706

Mr Erik Jaap de BORST

DE BORST ADVIES 32, Parelduiker

NL 2681 VH Monster Netherlands

Dear Mr De Borst,


Subject:  call for expression of interest JAI/OO1l2004 "Services in the-field  of Asylum,

Visas, External borders and Immigration Ref no 117


Thank you for the above-mentioned application which you sent to the Commission in answer to Call for  expression of interest JAI/OOl/2004. After careful analysis of your application, I am pleased to inform you that  your file has satisfied the exclusion criteria defined in sections 11 and 12 of the Call for expression of interest. You will be included in the database under the following discipline:

(I) Assessements of project proposals as part of the project selection procedure subsequent to a call for proposals, (II) examination of policies, analyses and proposals for action, to include, for example, asssitance with preparing programmes or policies; impact studies; ex-ante eavluations; strategic studies and prospective studies; cost effectiveness  analyses, (III) interim and ex-post evaluations of programmes and projects, to include for example, an analysis of their relevance, efficiency, utility, durability and coherence, conducting interviews and surveys for this purpose and analysing them;  (VI) Statistics, collection, analysis and methodology development; (VII) monitoring projects and programmes, and following them up; (X) communication: information and communication campaigns, organisation of events, creation of a prize, European prize giving ceremony.  E) Large-scale information systems:  E3 Legal expertise: -IT contracts,   E4 Management of IT projects:  - assistance with project management,   - planning for projects/programmes,   - quality assurance,   - IT project audit,   - risk management,   - change (organisational and technical) management,    - communication projects. E6 Computer security (information system, networks, encryption, PKI, etc.):   - security analysis and audit,   - contingency plan/continuity of service, - physical security,   - risk management.

   Your inclusion in the list qualifies you to take part in potential restricted call for tender procedures under your particular discipline

   and field to be launched by our Directorate General. You will be duly informed as and when such calls for tender come up.

   Yours sincerely,

Muriel GUIN,  Head of Unit


   Commission européenne, B-1049 Bruxelles / Europese Commissie, B-1049 Brussel- Belgium. Telephone: (32-2) 299 11 11.

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